Real cats as NFTs

Digitizing pet ownership, starting with cats.




List your cats if you are a foster home looking for sponsors.


Buy a Foster Cat NFT, and own that cat virtually.


Tip your favorite foster home any amount you'd like!

Every year in the US...


Million Animals are Sheltered


Million of them are Cats


Thousand Cats Find Their Owners


Thousand Cats are Euthanized



One of the biggest problems facing cat homes around the world is a lack of funding. All the vaccines, cat food, and litter can get rather expensive. In other words, many cat lovers have the motivation to care for a cat, but not the means. Conversely, some have the means, but not the motivation.

Our goal is to introduce you.

Are you interested in giving life to a real cat without having to scoop its poop? We can make that happen. Are you okay with scooping a little poop, for the love of cats? We can make that happen too


With Foster Cat NFTs, we connect cat lovers around the world by digitizing cat ownership.


We believe in security-based NFTs. In the past year, there's been a massive surge in tradeable metaverse cosmetics. What this really represents is the growing acceptance of universal, digital ownership.


We own titles for our cars (considered securities), deeds for our houses, but have no proof of ownership for our pets. That has led to complicated disputes in the past that can end in legal battles. There is clearly a void that needs to be filled.

Through this Foster Cat NFT minting and listing platform, we plan to digitize cat ownership. We can achieve this goal, and scale it with the help of decentralized blockchain networks such as Cardano.


Initially, we will work with foster homes and animal shelters to prove this concept through art-based NFTs. Then, we will work with regulators to ensure legal operation and deliver security-based NFTs. Eventually, we will expand our services to other pets. By full release, you will be able to enforce our security-based NFTs as proof of ownership for your pets. You can learn more about the phases in our whitepaper.




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