Foster Token, or $FOSTA, is a utility token that will be usable across the Foster platform. We put a great deal of thought into this decision, but ultimately decided on minting and using a utility token to power our platform. A token also creates a funding opportunity that is essential for the platform development process. This method of funding will likely take place through an IDO.




A utility token requires true utility! Here are some of the uses of the Foster Token $FOSTA. Please note that the token is NOT limited to these use cases; more will be added as time goes on.


The token itself will have uses in governance. More specifically, it will be a method by which our community can vote on important decisions that determine the direction of the platform.


The token will also be used to curate NFT listings in the early stages of Foster. Before the platform becomes completely decentralized, all Foster Cat NFT listings will be curated by our team. That doesn't mean users can't apply to be listed - FOSTA can be used to vote on these early listings.


We love cats. It goes without saying that we will be hosting cat beauty contests! The token will be used to vote on the cutest, strangest, and most entertaining cats in our community.


We are called Foster Cat for a reason! One of our main objectives is to help homeless cats live comfortably, or even find a home. That is only possible through the work of dedicated foster homes, shelters, and individuals who are willing to scoop the poop. FOSTA can be used to tip standout individuals within our community.


We plan on integrating the Foster token directly into our social media platforms, including but not limited to Discord and Reddit!